The M3 Alumni of the Year award recognizes an alumni of the M3 program who has shown commitment to the program and leadership in making the program better. In 2016, the first award was given to Frances Dickie. That same year, we honored Liz Kimmel Martin, whose idea it was to create an M3 program. Every year, we continue to honor Liz’s leadership by presenting the award at the annual luncheon to an M3 alumni who has shown commitment to the program.

If you would like to nominate someone for the M3 alumni of the Year award, send an email to

Criteria for Nominees

  • Demonstrates effective leadership abilities
  • Actively participates in L’Evate activities and events
  • Demonstrates effective mentoring/development of others
  • Exhibits commitment and ongoing support of the L’Evate M3 programs


  • Graduate of L’Evate M3 Program
  • Alumni in good standing
  • Minimum of 3 years involvement in M3 program

Past Recipients

2018 – Mary Ellen England
2017 – Doris Horsley
2016 – Frances Dickie
2016 – Liz Kimmel Martin – Honorary